Play & professional practice

A big thanks to Linda @ the Library for finding this post on my old, abandoned & almost empty blog. I’ve started thinking about play & professional practice lately. Not sure why. Perhaps because I’ve got a few substantial projects on, along with all the normal which is also building with some additional new information literacy work coming up, & we’ve had a big library review which is going to result in substantial change I suspect, & it’s been the Christmas/New Year period so I haven’t had so much engagement with my clients. Despite all of this something has been missing – play.

So, I have to reproduce my old post so I can put playfulness back in its rightful place in my practice:

This morning I listened to a psychiatrist talking about the importance of play to adults as well as children. It got me thinking. Is play important to my work as a librarian? The answer came quickly & easily, & with a smile – yes, most definitely yes!!!!!!

Playfulness co-exists with work of substance to help us enjoy our professional relationships and work. It helps us connect with new clients & it helps us maintain and build our professional relationships over time. It helps us stay positive so we can keep ploughing through those piles of work & think creatively. Playfulness helps us stay foward looking & outward looking & client-centred, especially in the tough times.

Having taken some time to reflect, I don’t think that I could produce work of substance so consistently without a sense of playfulness to balance the seriousness.


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