Even in university libraries

I have often thought that the most personally meaningful reference-type interactions happen in public libraries. In uni libraries, we can have a big impact but they feel to be study-related/study-limited (or perhaps professionally influential). Not that this isn’t important, it definitely is. But, this morning I opened my email box to find that reference interactions can mean much more than that to the student. The student wrote, “I can’t thank you enough for your time, knowledge and kind words. I can truly say my time spent with you will always be one of those influential and valued moments that we have throughout our lives. The greatest thing I have learnt about life is when you least expect it and sometimes in the smallest ways comes a large blessing in so many ways”.  I could tell that this student was learning lots & thinking wonderfully during our discussion, but I never imagined that anything this significant was going on for her. This profession really can bring moments of joy sometimes 🙂


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