Where might the clusters & subfactors be? #1: info lit experiences of our academic clients?

Continuing on from my (previous) Collis & Moonen 4-E Model post … It’s been a few years since I did a lit review of this area (when I was seriously considering an action research project with the teaching team of a first year problem based learning course). I was surprised by the very limited amount of literature in the area. Given the ongoing complaints about academic clients’ preparedness to take up info lit (either through work with their librarians or the lack of student knowledge & skills as experienced on ‘reference’ desks), it will be really interesting to see if & how this has changed.

This seems an incredibly obvious & much needed research area but, given that academics in librarianship hadn’t been bothered with the question when I did my last lit review, perhaps it’s still neglected? Even so, it is such an enormous issue in the practise of academic librarianship that surely our faculty practitioners have been motivated to ask & answer many questions in the area by now, even if our librarianship academics’ motivations have been elsewhere.

If our practising librarians (especially those with faculty status or PDs with own research responsibilities) haven’t been motivated to research into related areas, perhaps we have an indication for another cluster related to librarians’ attitudes to & relationships with academics?

Any research into our academic clients’ experiences may touch on discipline cultures, specific organisational cultures or even broader university culture that encourage or discourage academic engagement with info lit. So we might see another cluster & its subfactors there.

But, one step at a time. First, info lit as it is experienced by our academic clients. Time to review the literature & perhaps explore the experiences of some clients. I wonder if there could be value in talking to some clients who have partnered with me to create info lit learning opportunities for students? We’ve done work with which we’ve been happy & faced some barriers that have created compromise with which we’ve not been happy. BUT FOCUS – LIT REVIEW FIRST!!!!


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