Ways of testing out value of 4Es-inspired liaison

I wonder if, when I have an early framework up, this can be one of the ways to assess its value? On a repeat episode of Future Tense about problem solving, I heard Nicholas Gruen run through five ways to test whether we are really doing strategy.

If I don’t move on to testing it with research evidence, I will need other ways to test its practicality. I think that I have an organisational behaviour perspective to run it up against, but I will need more than that. As I’m really on about strategy & liaison librarianship, rather than an operational perspective, Gruen’s work could be useful. He talks about five things that really do speak to impactful liaison librarianship as I have experienced it & observed it:

  1. Critical intelligence – imagination & evaluation
  2. Meritocracy – difficulty & discourse as an ethical quest
  3. Openness
  4. Socratic humility
  5. Systematic approach.

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