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Social media & publication impact

I regularly hear librarians say that promoting one’s research with social media increases impact, including publication impact. I haven’t read a lot in the area but what I do read leaves me thinking that I don’t understand enough to make a judgement for myself, and are there impact differences according to discipline (particularly¬†for the Engineerings, Spatial Sciences & Urban & Regional Planning – the disciplines with which I work)?

So, over time (beginning today), I’m collating literature here, & I’m going to have a look at it. Where the statistical input is beyond me (which will probably be my default position), I’m going to ask a statistician for her view of the value of the study.

And, a researcher & I are also going to see if we can leverage social media to increase the impact of his work (citations & clinical value & up-take).


Well, I looked at the literature & those who are suggesting to clients that social media increases citation numbers really aren’t people to whom I should be listening. But, there certainly looks to be evidence that this could change over time & my approach needs to be about setting up for the longer term when it comes to citation impact & looking at other possible impacts – in my researcher’s case, helping promote the possibilities of his research in multi-disciplinary research partnerships, clinical impact & consumer health impact, & how his communication style needs to adapt to these different audiences.